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Who We Are

Orange Dice is a consortium which provides IT solutions that are creative and trendy. It is a unit with worldwide clients which includes leading organization across private and social sectors.


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What We Do

Provide most advanced and cost effective software and web technology.

Welcome to Orange Dice

When you shake hands with Orange Dice, prefering us as your IT services and business solution partner, you will relish what our world wide clients have already enjoyed:- Perfection with satisfaction. Our clients have played a vital role in our rapid growth. In a short span of time we have conquered many mile stones. Our unit is committed to discover the formula to help our clients to deliver more. We provide various services such as web designing, software development, SEO etc.

What We Do

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Website is an important feature which can boost your buisiness in this competitive world.

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Most advanced, cost effective software technology for the development of custom software systems.

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Provides good SEO services, that will help you to place your website at top.